Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blessing a day 2009-

I am thankful for ...

Last night I was reviewing my day and started thinking about what I was thankful for. I started my mental blog- and then thought,"Oh- wait- November is over." It made me kind of sad.

I think I have set a habit. I think I benefited from that habit. There were days in November that were some pretty grumpy days. At night when I reviewed things I sometimes had to really think to try and find something that blessed my life. Once I got over my grumpiness a list would start to flow. I am sure that some days it seemed odd some of the things that I was thankful for. But I was sincere. I spent some time every day of November thinking about being thankful and I really think that in itself was a blessing.

A few Sundays ago I came across a Gratitude page on our church's website
This stood out:

"Bitterness, resentful feelings, or mean-spiritedness cannot exist in a grateful heart. Greater happiness is achieved as deeper gratitude is developed."

Who couldn't use a relief from resentment, bitterness or ill will? I think we all have life experiences that cause us pain and grief and sorrow. I know I need help in keeping a perspective on things.

So I need to keep documenting a blessing a day. I am not sure how I will do this. I like writing it on my blog because it gets done. If I am just going to write on paper I don't know if I will do it. Maybe I should just set up another little gratitude blog for myself to just keep right on going.

What are you thankful for today?


shara said...

THank you! I have been feeling and thinking some of the same. I have really enjoyed recognizing, naming and pondering on things for which I am gratful. I ws driving the other day and ws thinking- how great it would be to continue for however long.

So, today I am gratful I read your blog, and I am gratful to know that others- you- feel the same as I do and that we share that. I am gratful to have ppl in my life such as you that have such a spirit of gratitude and joy.

And- I am gratful for that link. :-)

Kristie said...

Bacon egg and cheese cupcakes. Although I wished you had been there, too. :)

Bren's Life said...

Great post. I need to think about the things I am grateful for more... Thanks for the reminder

Lene said...

I am thankful for your quotes.

vgsmom said...

You know I loved that quote. It's amazing how grateful I can be in my daily surroundings these days.

Meghan said...

You inspired me too. I started last night writing something I was grateful for in my journal. I learned from you that it doesn't have to be long or elaborate, it just has to be something. I can't wait to decide what you decide to do.

hillary said...

On those grumby days in Nov. I was thankful for stuff like Mt DEW.

You are my Idol because I thought on Dec 1st "oh boy, Nov is over, I don't have to do a thankful blog" I am a turkey.