Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crazy weather- written in February!

Crazy weather we have been having here!
We had weather where I was outside in a skirt sunning myself. In January.
Not even a week later we had an ice storm that canceled school for a couple of days.
Then throw in a few more days of sun. Then came the wind.
And a big storm.
I hurried out of walmart last tuesday after a woman sternly told me I needed to hurry and get out. The two littles and I laughed as we ran out of the store greated by the first few raindrops and made a game of it to see if we could get us and the groceries in the car before it really started raining. We did it. I noticed then that it did seem pretty dark, but kind of earily still. I called Jay to have him check on the weather. He said that there were not any warnings yet. We drove home and just as we got to the driveway the tornado sirens started going off. I hurriedly pushed all of the junk (that I have yet to pack up and put in the attic- still!) over to one side and pulled the van into the garage. I got Luke out and into the bathroom then pulled Tucker out of the car in his sleepy state and laid him on the floor of the bathroom. The sirens kept going on and off for the next 45 minutes or so. I talked with Jay, my mom came by and stayed for a few minutes, then it was time to go get the kids.

Little did I know that the kids were on lockdown for the storm- apparently it was bigger than I thought!

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