Thursday, December 31, 2009

kindergarten caroling (2008)

Written 1-7-09 about an event in December 2008

I was lucky on this day to ride on the school bus with Luke to go caroling to an assisted living center. I was excited to go with Luke and happy to hear them sing. It all sounded so festive!
I was not prepared for the emotions I would experience. I had to walk around for a bit several times because I was getting teary eyed and a lump in my throat. As I saw all the residents I missed my Grandparents. I really felt the loss today.

mourning that which is gone
the sounds
the relationships
the canceling of the phone
not being able to hear nana anymore
my mom saying oh holy night was one of grandaddys favorites and not knowing it was
finally being able to cry
comfort and joy

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