Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Red Envelope # 15

Write Christmas Cards to teachers-
Wow was this a fun one. I had no idea the kids would get so into it. After Luke had already written, signed and sealed two I realized he was writing full poems. I am tempted to go open them up just to see what he wrote.
Tucker joined along and used up half a pad of paper that I had just received. (and today he was using his left hand)
Jack and Savanna had fun picking out just the right vintage card for each of their teachers.


Tiff said...

No more blog-stalking! I love your red envelopes. Such fun. You inspire me, Alisa.

Anonymous said...

Alisa! I absolutely love the card your sweet Jack brought to me today! I love the vintage card Idea! The message inside was so dear. Thank you for always think of us at Bethany. We are so blessed to have your family at our school!
Annie Duggan