Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grapefruit: Its not just for eating anymore-(was it ever?)

I cleaned out the fridge today. Sort of. I pulled out all the old fruit and vegetables, and made way for the new fresh stuff. As I was organizing and cleaning and trying to decide what we needed to eat quick and what just needed to go to the trash, I found a grapefruit.
I thought this was funny because I don't like grapefruit. So I don't buy grapefruit. I buy lots of grapefruit smelling things like, soaps, and lotions and cleaners. I just don't buy them to eat. I just like the idea of grapefruit. Kind of like how I like the idea of a hot herbal drink but can't stand them.
So I had this grapefruit sitting on the counter wondering how it got in my fridge when Luke spied it. He came in and eyed it for a minute then said "Mom, if you would save this until I get a Lego Indiana Jones I could use it as my boulder when I build it."

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Amy said...

LOL, that is amazing. You need to make a Luke quote book. ;)