Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hidden Mickey Moment #4

We found this Hidden Mickey a few weeks ago. Its from a space shuttle sleeping bag that I had in the car to take back to my mom. As the kids were getting out of the car one of them yelled "look, a Hidden Mickey!"

I love that Lori introduced this to us. It is so fun to happen upon one every now and then. It reminds us of our fabulous day at Disneyland- and Savanna's exceptional trip with the Smith family to Disney World last spring break.


Jim Smith said...

Instead of reminding you of past trips, I think they should make you look forward to a future trip with the Smiths. Spring Break 2011???

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I just think these are the funniest things to see your family discover.

I also love your apple juice/red hots idea. I've never thought of doing that with apple juice. What a great idea. Thank you.