Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SPT- Frugal Luxury

Rethinking January-
Frugal Luxuries & Guilty Pleasures

After reading these two posts about January I decided I needed to work on re-thinking my least favorite time of the year.

January needs to be a time to dream and just let my mind wander. A time to let things settle and not push to do so much. Why do we do that to ourselves anyway? Why am I always in a hurry to get to the next thing?

It is a time to sit. For goodness sakes I love to read, why don't I do it more? Neighbor Jane posted about enjoying frugal luxuries. I sat and thought about that for a bit. What is that for me?

My frugal luxury is also a guilty pleasure.

Drinking from a hot-to-go cup with a to-go-lid. Its on my list of 100 things I love.

It's frugal because it really does not cost me much.

Its guilty because I throw it away when I am done, and I feel a little bad for that. When I am just drinking it here at home I have plenty of mugs that I could use and wash instead of throwing it out.

It's a luxury because I don't buy the cups often. I picked some up for our caroling party this Christmas, and a small package for Savanna and I to take to eat our breakfast in when we go to state choir in Tulsa. So they really are not here in the house often.

Another reason why its a luxury? I don't drink hot chocolate every day. Although I would love to. Or another warm drink- (tomorrows post!)

It is a pleasure, well because it just is. I love the way the lid and my lips meet. I love the feel of the cup in my hand. It reminds me of working at the Broadmoor. A few times after a shift, I would go over to the other side of the hotel and walk through the shops and sip a hot cocoa while I strolled and dreamed and forgot about regular life. It was cold outside and up in the mountains. Ahhh- I am there.

Frugal luxury and guilty pleasure all in one.

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Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

It sounds as if you are also savoring a memory along with your hot chocolate...and a good memory is a frugal luxury too...of sorts. (Except...we must use our most precious commodity...time...to create it!)
Lovely post, thank you for sharing.