Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SPT- my new pearls

Me and Luke- (with a blue mustache!)
Me wearing my Christmas necklace made by Luke.

I was making some things for Christmas and I had all of my white buttons spread out on our studio table. There are all kinds of buttons in all shades of white. Pearly, creamy, off white, bright white, teddy bears etc. Most of them came from both of my Grandmothers and some of my Mom's. I came in later to clean up and thought to myself- "wow- I sure did use up a lot of buttons today." It was also pretty late so I did not put much thought into it. I just scooped up what was left and put them back in my button jar.

Christmas morning there was an extra package under the tree for me. From Luke.
I was so surprised to pull out a beautiful "pearl" necklace.

So that was where all the buttons had gone.

I think that this may be one of my favorite presents I have ever received. I love it. And not just in the way a parent is supposed to love a present their child made. I really do love it. I love the length. I love that it's on an elastic cord. I love the order the buttons were strung on. I love that it is so "multi-generational." Both of my Grandmothers buttons, some of my mom's made by my son. I don't think I could have designed or asked him to make me something that I would have liked better.

I think the other thing that I loved, was that it was totally unexpected. I usually don't like surprises. The anticipation leading up to opening something does me in. I don't love looking at an unopened gift. It doesn't thrill me to wonder and dream about what might be inside. But when something is totally a surprise and unexpected- that is a thrill.
Luke had already put a present under the tree. Something he had made at school. So this extra present really did surprise me.
I think I can learn to like surprises.


Jay Spear said...

Great record of Luke's awesomeness. He is a self starter. He is thoughtful. He is full of love. I can only hope to keep up with his greatness.

Lene said...

What a sweet gift. I love how it was a total surprise to you.

Kim Sue said...

how wonderful {jays comment makes me smile too}

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I missed this post and I almost missed a real treasure! Oh, this is the sweetest and that you love it makes it even sweeter. What a great thing. I hope it never breaks or gets lost.