Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When I was your age ...

It is the start of a new semester for the kids and for Savanna that means a few new classes. As we were driving home yesterday we were all talking about how the day back was, and for Savanna how her new classes were. She moaned a little and told me about typing. I told her how much I loved that class and I just new that she would enjoy it once she got the hang of it. We went back and forth about it as she said she like to "peck" the keys. That it was much faster that way.

I asked what supplies she needed to get and she told me a few. But I thought she was leaving out something. I prompted... "So, do you need any paper for typing?"



"Mom, it's computer typewriting- I don't need to bring my own paper."

Oh. Right.


Kristie said...

When I am typing up a blog entry and my kids come in, they are fascinated with how fast I can type. Sadly, thanks to the convenience of the computer keyboard, I am now a lazy and error-prone typist. When the days of white-out and correction paper are long gone, who cares about having to hit the backspace key three or four or seventy times??? But reassure Savanna that no WAY is pecking with two fingers faster .... and she'll be glad for the skill. Kellen, in fact, has found online tutorials and practiced some on his own ... sadly, he gets bored before he gets good. :)

Kimallsup said...

hahhha..... I can still hear my type teacher, "get ready for you time test, ready, begin" I talked to much and had to sit in the corner.
Oh how the times have changed!

hillary said...

Good times.

Maddy asked me once if I wanted to watch a DVD or a video. I remember when VHS was brand new and FAR to expensive. Technology makes me feel old.

Kim Sue said...

One time Carly was standing beside me while I was typing on the computer. She didn't think I was listening to her so she asked me to look at her :o) I looked at her but kept typing the end of my sentence. Ever since then she thinks it is a great trick that I can type and not look at the keyboard or the screen!