Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SPT-What stinks?


You want to know what stinks?


On the way to church Sunday, we went through a skunk cloud- and oh! The stench!

When we got out of church 3 hours later, we opened the car doors and were greeted with the stench. Only now it seemed stronger from baking in the closed car for so long.

Here we are, two full days later and I can still smell the skunk. The thing is, now the odor is mixed with everything I have used to mask the scent. Its like 2 parts skunk 1 part apple spray.

That's what stinks.

Other things on my stink list right now:

Kids having to go to school on Monday- PRESIDENTS DAY- A HOLIDAY- on account of missing so much school from the snow. Which caused our family to miss a weekend trip to Texas. Which also caused Savanna to miss out on a birthday party. Which caused me to miss out on a trip to IKEA. I was really excited to go to IKEA. I even had a shopping list.

Having an ear infection. I am an adult. I should not be getting an ear infection. I have more sympathy for Luke and his constant ear troubles.


Kristie said...

We missed her this weekend. I'll leave it at that, otherwise I'll be railing against the educational system again, and really, I should let it go. :)

Stefunkc said...

What a mess. Sorry to hear about your ear infection. I myself feel like a toddler. Ugh.

Lene said...

So sorry about the ear infection. I had one a couple of years ago and had no idea how bad they hurt.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, I agree. ALL those things stink. What a fun SPT