Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Me and my Momma

I had a fun night attending a service auction with my mom tonight at church. I auctioned off three services, and came home with three services. I enjoyed my mom's company. It was fun having her sit next to me. It

She tripped and fell a few days ago. Landed on her nose, and she is all bruised up underneath her nose above her lip. It hurts me thinking about it. Makes me shudder. I am so glad she did not pass out, break her nose, loose a tooth, or anything like that. Just a bruise.

I feel thankful that I live so close to my mom right now. That she was able to just hop in her car and run up to the church to be with me.


Kim Sue said...

what a treasure!

Lene said...

What a cute picture of you two.