Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What We did on Spring Break-2

While Grandma and Savanna went shopping ...

The boys and I headed to the mountains.

We took Grandpa along.

Luke was so excited to try and climb a mountain.

The kids put that coon skin hat to good use!

Silly Mom did not think to bring Luke a coat.

All the boys tried to climb the mountain.
When we got home, Tucker would tell people how he tried to climb a mountain but couldn't.
Between Jay and I, we took lots of photos.
Funny thing: we thought my lens was broken. I could only manually adjust the lens, and even then it was really hard to turn.

A few days later I was adjusting it and all of a sudden the lens made a cracking sound, and it worked again! (Maybe I had a piece of food stuck in it- a dried piece of dough perhaps?)

This sounds so ordinary to write, but it was beautiful.
I think the sky in Colorado is such a brilliant blue. Even more so the higher we got.
I loved sharing it with all the boys.
Tucker tried and tried to climb that mountain (as well as Luke) but just could not. I wish we had recorded all the cute things he said about being up there. Even though I can't remember the words I can still feel how cool it was to share his excitement and wonder. It makes my smile.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man, you got some good pictures. Really good ones. I'm glad the dough worked itself loose :)

Yes, yes. The sun IS more brilliant in Colorado isn't it?

jarrleckie said...

Love Luke in that hat! I want to go there - beautiful!

Meghan said...

Oh my Savanna looks so mature!! I didn't recognize her. What a beauty.