Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A perfect story for a perfect month

I first saw this book at the kid's school last spring. I fell in love with its story.
I have always thought May was such a beautiful month, my favorite of them all.
This story just intensified that thought.

I think this book is now out of print, but Jay found it for me for Christmas. I was so excited. I was stunned when I found an inscription on the inside, from a child to her teacher. I could not believe someone would get rid of such a charming story.

It is a story of a young month, May, who lives with her mother, April. She has not yet met her father, December, who lives very far away in a cold place across on the other side of the year.

May takes a long trip going from month to month, family member to family member to meet her father and then return back to her mother. As she travels they all have something interesting and new to share with her.

I loved how the story explained how the months came to be in their places, and why sometimes we have unusual weather.

Let me know if your library has it. I will share mine with you if it doesn't.
Have a wonderful May.

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jarrleckie said...

I know how you love May! I'm going to check this out.