Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No photos!

The paparazzi has been shut down!
He is now blocking himself out of the photos. Or he is demanding they be taken a certain way.

This boy does have us cracking up though. He was in the pool and looked up at the clouds and said to Savanna, (sounding so very astonished!) "Sister! The sky is moving!"

He cracks all of us up that he calls Savanna- "sister." We are not sure where that came from, but he always does it. I was helping him pray and reminded him to pray for each of the siblings and we went through them by name and when we got to Savanna he substituted "sister."

He is sort of cracking me up when he says exactly what he is thinking, or states what he sees. Like saying really loudly" who tooted?" while we are in the Dr.s office. Or when he is just stating the obvious that the woman in front of us has a really large bum.

He really did crack me up last week. I took him into the bathroom at the pool and with the most sincere tone he looked at me and said "Do mommies poop?"

Yep, he just cracks me up.

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Kristie said...

When Brayden was slightly younger than Tucker, and I was VERY pregnant with Kendrie, we went to a local pool, and a man with a rather large girth walked past us. Brayden pointed and said loudly, "Look, that man has a baby in his tummy, too!" How can you scold, and laugh, at the same time??? :)