Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A royal 4th

So we just finished our busiest time of year.
Celebration week.
Our Anniversary. Savanna's birthday. (13!) Fourth of July. Company in town to celebrate it all. Non stop parties.

I love it.
It is also exhausting.

So now I sit at the computer to edit all the many photos taken between my camera and Jay's.
Then I pull up the blog- and think- which story should I tell first?

I glanced at the pile on my desk- and noticed a small stack of letters that were exchanged on the 4th. Because we had so much rain, we were inside for a lot of the weekend. All the kids and their cousins got creative. I am not sure what started it, but this was how a portion of the afternoon was spent while we were inside.

While we were sitting in a food coma on Sunday- during our inside BBQ- One of the kids delivered a royal letter. All the cousins crafted a letter- and what you are about to read is what kept us laughing for a good part of the evening.

"Dear King Von Fancypants,
I accept your surrender! Hee-hee! Your people are so slow and dimwitted you wouldn't know a real peace treaty if it bit you on the derriere, so this will have to do. Meet me tomorrow for official surrender of your kingdom and your fancypants. Sincerely, Alex"

"Kind Sir,
You lad are a wordsmith beyond dispute.
I accept your decree. I shall give you my fancypants ... you shall also receive my fancy socks, and my fancy jammies, and my fancy underpants. In return you shall receive a taunting of the most genuine style. It shall begin with simple name calling and conclude with a raspberry smearing ... etc ... etc ...
Yours is as mine was, King Fancy Pants"


My Dear King- used to be- Fancy pants,
I accept your gifts of fancypants & fancy socks & fancy jammies & fancy underpants. We were wondering how you would feel if we renamed your country Rabbidsquirrelia, as it is largely infested with rabid squirrels and the like.
Sincerely, Savanna and Alex
P.S. After tomorrow, you will be unemployed and without fancypants. (ha ha ha!) Therefore, we would like to offer you the position of Royal fancy glove cleaner. Please consider.
P.P.S. Are we human, or are we dancer?


The line that kept me laughing?
"Meet me tomorrow for official surrender of your kingdom and your fancypants."

It may not be the traditional way to celebrate the 4th- but fun nonetheless. Three cheers for imaginations and royal kingdoms.


jarrleckie said...

Hilarious! And SO creative.

Layne Bushell said...

That was awesome. At first I wondered if the kids wrote the first letter and the adults fun!