Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SPT-hair mash up


I usually wear my hair wavy or curly- but a few Sundays ago I not only wore it straight, but I parted it on the opposite side. I got many comments from people wondering what was different. They knew something was different but not sure what.

Not only did I look different but it smelled different too.

I grabbed a bottle of men's shampoo. I realized when I was sud-sing up that it did not at all smell like anything I would normally use. I thought I would finish it off with the men's conditioner, thinking that it was something kind of minty. Wrong- it smelled like mens shaving cream, or aftershave.

So, not only did my scalp feel funny from when I would turn my head and there would be more hair on the wrong side of my head, but, I kept smelling this weird smell and I would flip my head side to side to try and figure it out, only realizing it was me I was smelling. Over and over again.

I won't try and change things up for a while.


Layne Bushell said...

This made me laugh! I thought it sounded like something I would try!

hillary said...

First of all YOU ARE A BABE. Second, isn't it weird to part your hair on the "wrong" side? I do it sometimes and my whole day is off somehow.

And also, You're a babe.