Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Confessions-

Last December Luke lost the mate to his new Sunday shoes. It was a Sunday evening and we had an appointment with our Bishop. Everyone was dressed in their church clothes and when we got to the church Luke only had one shoe. The right one. He was certain he had left the house with both of them. Did the left shoe fall out of the car on the way? How would that have happened? Who knows? I only know that it has not appeared.

I have held on to the remaining lone shoe in hopes that its match would suddenly appear. Like maybe from under the seat in the car, or behind clothes in the closet. Just in case I found its missing mate, I put the right shoe at the top of the shoe holder on the back of the door. If the left shoe were to re- appear I would know where its mate was.

A few Sunday's ago I was so glad that I had hung on to that one shoe and that I knew where it was. I felt I had defeated the plans of the shoe thwarters. Luke could not find the mate to his current pair of shoes. As luck would have it that day he was missing the right one! I went to the back of his door, grabbed the lone right shoe and sent him on his way.
Never mind they were two different styles. They were both brown!
Never mind they were two different styles. Luke didn't care!

The lonely left-behind-shoe saved the day.

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