Thursday, August 19, 2010

Date with Jack

So- apparently 10 year old boys notice when their sister gets to go shopping a lot.
He notices that above mentioned sister gets things and I quote, "like eye lash curlers, and makeup and nail stuff, and clothes."
Even if said 10 year old boy doesn't necessarily want to go shopping- he wants the time. And he can pull up a long forgotten promise from the begininng of school last year to buy a new lego set instead of getting a new back pack. (Really? I promised that?)

So off we went. Just the two of us. Excitement filled the car as he told me story after story of one sort or another. Steady stream of conversation. As we left a store he remarked at how easy the shopping was. So quick. He said, "If we had all the other kids with us that would have taken sooooooo-oooooooo long. But we can shop quick!" I think Jack may turn into my kind of shopper!

We ended the night with a cone. Rocky road for me and Chocolate chip cookie dough for him. Yum. It was a great date. It was great that instead of pouting or mopping about he just came out and said what he wanted. Time. And legos.

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