Friday, August 20, 2010

First day of school!


8th grader- top of the middle school
5th grader- top of the Elementary school

his "trademark"

(taken the day before school started at the Meet your Teacher)
two for 2nd grade

and one more year home with Mom!

No tears yet!

I made it through the morning just fine. Until I was walking down the hall and saw a Mom dropping off her Kindergarten daughter with tears streaming down her face. Then my eyes got a little misty. But I held it in. Got the boys dropped off to their teachers just fine.

Then I had to hold on tight to my emotions after visiting with the Art teacher. She told me about dropping her daughter off to college. That was a close call! But I made it out the school doors determined to not cry!

Next up for the day- zoo field trip!
Tucker had been wanting to go for a while, and we set a date to go as soon as we dropped the kids off to school.

It was a little warm, but seemed less so because I only had one child's hand to hold and things to look after. We did not see many animals. Tucker wondered if they were all at school too. He also wondered where the animals went at night. And where they went when it was time for vacation.

All in all- a great first day. I think I enjoy school starting on a Friday. I think it is just right.
Right in time to have a weekend then start a full week.

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