Monday, January 10, 2011

Goodbye 2010- March edition


Savanna and the beautiful, talented, wonderful, Mrs. Adams!

Every year the kids that sing with the state choir get to go to the capital for State Arts day and perform- always fun to miss a little school and go out to lunch!

A little early St. Patty's day finery

This hat just fits him so well.


Tucker pulled out a chair and watched the men cutting down trees in our neighborhood. He asked if he could help.

The bathroom demolition, prepping for this:

I never tire of brothers sitting together.
Without bickering.
That is probably why I took this photo.

Tucker with Jay's scooter helmet on when we went to pick up the kids from school.

3/9 Service Auction with Mom at church. It was a fun night and I was glad to have my Mom with me.

Luke setting up an early trap for the Leprechaun. I think he took this to school? Maybe? I remember setting it up here before we left on vacation.

Jack's 4th grade Science Fair.

"Spring " break travels to Colorado Springs.
(from the springs on a train)

Our trip was "train-loads" of Epic!

Part of our fun is getting there. Jay and I enjoy stopping and having a mid-day date with the kids in the car and taking photos.

Checking out the quilt that was made by her Great Grandma Connie (maternal great grandmother) and given to her Great Grandma Videtta. (paternal great grandmother)

Grandma Spear
Grandpa Spear

Meeting our darling cousin/nephew for the first time right after his first birthday.

Celebrating Jake's first birthday at Fargo's pizza- listening to fun memories that Jay and his brother have of going there when they were kids. Drinking root beer and having Tucker toast his mug.

Spring in Colorado

I will never tire of seeing Pikes Peak. Neither will Jay. When we got home we each had more than several photos of it on each of our cameras.

I "ran" back to the house to grab my camera after seeing this drop on a branch while out on a walk. I loved that I was able to capture the reflection of the house in such a tiny drop of water.
Total luck.

Exploring snow in the mountains.

The Broadmoor-where I used to work, and where Jay and I stayed after we were married.

The sniffing date ... Jay is a very patient man. We "sniffed" hundreds of bottles of cologne and narrowed it down to two. Wouldn't you know it, that I have no idea what those two are now?!


Lucky Charms for

and wearing green for




I had to keep this one. It just makes me laugh too much.

Trying the spring water ... and not liking it.

Hidden Mickey!

Bookstore date on vacation!

Boys with the Grands!

Another photo date, this time on the drive home.

My uncle's eyelid slants like this!

Cheeseburger and a bear (and probably a movie on the dvd player.) What more could a 3 year old want?

Doesn't everyone think of displaying the continents when they find dirt clods?!

I have no idea what we are laughing about ...

But I am so glad Jay captured it!

Our family's first

visit to the circus
all together.

3/27 The circus. I think its best seen oh, maybe once every 5 years. My life is circus enough.

Cute girls going to an evening Young Women broadcast at church.


3/25 Free day to visit the Crystal Bridge/Myriad Gardens
in downtown OKC.

3/29 Sweet dreams of trains.

Really, this could be any day of any month!
Blessing/curse of concrete floors.

Entertaining ourselves at the car dealership while getting some work done.

He is flying!



jarrleckie said...

My favorite pictures - Jay and his dad, and you at the bookstore!

Lindsay said...

I love going back and seeing the change in your family. Everyone looks so young! I also love seeing all of your talented photographs that showcase your fun daily life.