Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of Year Awards- Luke

Luke got a math medal for completing the principals math timed tests. We were happy and excited that he qualified for this. He had to work a little slower to make his writing more legible, and that would slow him down. And sometimes he would skip ahead to the next question before he had finished writing down the previous answer.

Then came the reading awards. Luke is a reader. Not doubt about it. His school has a reading program that tests them after they read a book and they accumulate points based on their comprehension throughout the year.

He set high reading goals and met most of them. He receivd an award for having the top AR points for his class and grade. But he totally blew us away when he received an award for having the highest amount of AR points in the school. He had over 440 points! I loved it when the principal said how many words he had read ...

He received a gift card for pizza and a book.

Luke got a special award from the principal. A "fast pass" that is valid until October 15th of next year. This pass allows him to move to the front of any line at school.

We are so proud of Luke and we are amazed at what he has learned from reading. He enjoys reading anything and everything including the dictionary, but will still have fun reading books with Tucker. I love it when he comes up to share a funny quote from a book.

Way to go Luke!


Kristie said...

I loved it when the principal said, "You can go over there and pick out a book ... lets hope we have one you haven't already read" Ha!!!

Alisa said...

Me too!

Kim Sue said...

way to go luke!! love the fast pass idea. I'm going to have to share that with Carly's school.