Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tucker and Sam -take 2

Last month Jay and I had a good laugh after checking on the kids in the middle of the night.
I went in to turn off bedside lamps and give one last kiss goodnight and had to stifle an outloud laugh when I saw Tucker and Sam.
Thankful for camera flash to capture a late night photo.
Reminded us of the other time Sam and Tucker looked the same.


Kim Sue said...

a whole lot of sweetness. can you believe a year has passed since you took that other photo?

Courtnie said...

Now if that isn't cute, I don't know what is!!!

P.S. I like your blog. :)

Lene said...

That's like a once in a lifetime thing...that happened twice!

Parents said...

So cute

shara said...

what "parents" said... so very cute!