Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lost and found summer 2011

We have a set of cabinets that are identical upstairs and downstairs. Inside each set is a laundry hamper. We have always used the upstairs one for laundry and the downstairs one has rotated between a dress up bin and dirty laundry holder.

Today Savanna took out the drawer above the hamper to take into her room so she could load it up with all of her extra pens and pencils.

I don't know why, but something about seeing inside through the open drawer hole made me curious. How does that hamper pull out and what is behind it?


There was a whole load of laundry behind the hamper. I could not reach it with my hands. I had to get one of our firepit tools- the long "tongs" to pull everything out.

What was behind there?
12 pair of underwear (including 1 pair of "training pants")
5 pairs of pants (including one size 2 T khaki Sunday pants-it has been over 2 years since anyone has worn a size 2 T. 2 pair of size 5 khaki Sunday pants that Tucker will be able to wear this fall)
4 pairs of shorts
8 shirts (including a shirt of Savannas from 2005 in a size 8)
2 pj pants
1 pj shirt
8 socks (two of which make a complete pair, and 1 adorable baby striped sock that I kept its lonely mate to for the last 4 years & 1 "Sunday Red"of Tuckers that has only been missing for 2 weeks)

I was astounded by all that was behind the hamper. It made me wonder what was behind the one downstairs.

Not as much, but just as amusing.
1 knights shield
1 superman hand
1 batman dart glove thingy
2 shirts
1 raccoon mask

I have laughed and laughed about this all day. You know how "they" say that things get lost in the wash? Our stuff never makes it to the wash!

When Jay got home and I showed him all the things that I had discovered. He laughed too and said it was kind of like a time capsule!

I think I will start checking behind the hamper more often.


Layne Bushell said...

That is just awesome! At least you know where to go to find the "aliens" that took your stuff. I don't have a hamper where the "aliens" hide things.

janelle said...

So maybe there is a hidden space in the Provo house that has your wedding certificate and all the other things that Millie took = )hehe

hillary said...

I love that story.

Maddy and Ruby have a dresser like that. We find all sorts of thing behind the drawers. Except they're is like that because they think their drawers are bottomless pits. And they kinda are since they've broken the backs out of them stuffing them so full. Oopsie.