Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pre-day of Pre-K

That paper chain just kept getting shorter and shorter. No matter how much I tried to ignore it.
About a week ago I realized I was off by 6 days. Taking those extra 6 off was hard! I knew it was coming, I have a calendar. But seeing it on a paper chain just makes it so real!
So now its down to one, and there is a very excited boy in our house!

Tomorrow is the day! Tucker starts Pre-K! It has been fun (and funny) to talk with Tuck about starting school. When I don't think about all the emotions of it, it is all really exciting! He finally gets to go to school where he has seen his siblings go for the last almost 5 years. He feels like the school is his. So far, no apprehensions or worries or fears. For Tucker that is. (Momma is another story!)


hillary said...

Oh friend, I feel your pain. I have 5 more years left but I'm dreading it already. Try to do something fun with all your quite time. :)

Gigi45 said...

What a good-looking Pre-K student! He's having a wonderful day and you have expressed the emotions so well!

Lene said...

That first day of pre-school is so hard. I think it may be a bit harder than kindergarten.

Kim Sue said...

What a cutie! And oh how much fun he is going to have!