Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slow down

I was telling Jay that my days are much better when I treat my life like a vacation. I simplify things. I take more JOY in the day to day things.
There is a kids song that just cracks me up- Kevin Kline sings it on the Philadelphia Chickens CD
by Sandra Boyton (you should be able to listen to a part of the song) Anyway- I can imagine that this sounds just what I look like- when I am taking things just way to serious to notice the important things.
I read this and it gave me a jolt-
What do you think you are missing out on in life by being too busy?
First 3 to tell me what they think...get a prize!

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Rebecca Young said...

I don't need a prize--but I was recently thinking how much I try to hurry Avery throughout our day. I have tried to stop saying "Hurry!" to her --it seems we have been running late to everything now that we've thrown a baby into the mix! I just cannot seem to get us all ready AND get the baby nursed in time to get out the door! But I was thinking that when you are in a hurry, all those cute little toddler things become bothersome. How they try so hard to put their shoes on--but ALWAYS get them on the wrong feet...how they have so many questions to ask you about life...how they are so curious and have to stop to look at things...and how their cute little legs just can't keep up with ours at full speed! So I am trying to slow down and enjoy how adorable Avery is instead of being frustrated with the delays!