Monday, April 16, 2007

I have a blog-
I just don't use it!
Lots on my mind-
why I choose to do what I do-
-or- not do.
why I stay home and not go to work and earn money for this family
why do I dust
why don't I create more?
why do I not keep the creative table in our studio clean so we can create?
what should I make for dinner?
what should Tucker's first solid be & when?
where did I read that rice cereal is not the top choice as a first food?
who needs help today?

Feeling so thankful-for what I have and what I do not-
thought I would leave you with this from Cathy Z's blog

"Just a reminder, that in the midst of the daily mucky-muck, or when you find yourself wishing for all the things that aren't quite right, like pants that fit or money to burn or houses that are clean…just that reminder to surround yourself with those you love, and hold them as close as you can for as long as you're given."

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