Tuesday, September 4, 2007

creative juice

Last week I had 1 of those creative moments that turns out just right. Unlike most of my creative endeavors as of late. You know the ones that you start making something, you run out of materials, or something breaks. Or you get interrupted and don't finish. Or somebody is trying to "help" and they "help" a little too much.
Savanna and I picked up her viola and she was so so excited that this viola came with a case that had hooks for a carrying strap. As soon as she said carrying strap, the wheels started turning! I had seen these really cool camera straps,
from this very talented lady
and I thought, "HEY...why don't you make a cool strap like those for her viola!"
Well thats exactly what I did.
I went home.
Found a strap on the floor in the garage attached to a duffle bag. (I was thankful for once,
that my garage was not more organized, or this bag would have been neatly tucked away in
the attic, and I never would have made it up there)
Grabbed some ribbon left over from the back to school book marks.
Sat down.
Sewed ribbon to the strap. (did not even change thread or bobbin for fear of "messing
something up")
Project finished!
Oh the joy that I found in finishing something creative. And having it turn out just as I envisioned.
No running to the store.
No looking at directions.
Just pure creating bliss.
And you know what was even better?
The look on Savannas face when she saw it.
It was happy for her too!


Jenn said...

Well, aren't you clever! Since I don't own a sewing machine and, though very cute, I can't afford a $32 strap, might get you to make me some! tee-hee :)

mik said...

I love the idea...thanks for helping me be a little creative, (even thought I had to go to 2 thrift stores and Hobby Lobby to finish mine)