Wednesday, September 26, 2007

don't wait

Tonight my heart feels pain and sadness for a family from school. This young boy Mitch has been battling cancer -
When I first found out that he had cancer in 2005- I wanted to do something. I did nothing. I thought of him, but physically did nothing. And sometimes there is nothing physically that you can do. He went into remission. At the beginning of this school year the cancer came back. Another mom put together a birthday party for her twins, and instead of gifts for her boys, she had people bring gift cards for Mitch and his family. For gas, for food etc. What a wonderful idea, and gift I am sure.
I spoke with Mitch's mom about something I wanted to do. I have only helped once. And I will still seek the opportunities to help over the next while as life adjusts for them. But oh how I wish I would have done something sooner. Not that it would have changed the course of events for their family, but could have lifted a burden.
So my thoughts tonight are, don't wait. Don't wait to do what the Spirit prompts you to do. Don't put off because you are embarrassed or worried what someone might think. Trust the promptings, and let the outcome be.
pray for this family. Pray for peace as they say goodbye.

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