Monday, October 1, 2007

not wanting to post

I have had so many things to post about . But after the last post, the next morning , Mitch passed away. As I told the kids before they left for school Savanna cried and said "I don't like it that everything is going to go on like normal. Everyone will still go to school just like every other day. I didn't like it when Grandaddy died, and everybody just went about things normal and I don't like it now."
I understood completely..and have had a hard time focusing on writing. I did not want to put something "on top" of the post about Mitch. This was so much different than my Grandfather passing away. This boy was the same age as Savanna.
Part of living is dying. And part of life is dealing with sadness, and death. We mourn and grieve, and cry. And then we find the happy things in life to deal with the sadness.
So now, after the sadness, I find the happy things...and these times I want to share. Because sharing makes it even more happy.
Luke just brought this self portrait to me.
This is Luke with 10 apples on his head. I asked if the 2 round things on the sides were his ears. He said yes, they were big, that way he could hear the apples when they fell.
Happy things.

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Jenn said...

Sounds like very insightful children that are being parented by intune parents. Applause, Applause,