Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Fall Ya'll

Every week on Thursday night I say to Jay-"it's "the weekend"-
Now at any given moment I blurt out with joy "its the holidays!"

It does not feel a bit like fall, but I love to decorate for it.
This is our family's set of pumpkins. I got to do mine last night, when the house was still and quiet. It was fun getting to use ribbon and bows. Kind of girlie! I saw some really cute ideas, here, here and here.
I had to take a picture before everyone decorates them. We are going to do them tomorrow after school (I hope)- I love how they look, so clean and all together. Hmmm thats until Tuck took over...

He had such the urge to pick them up, and then go and drop them in the trash can. I would go and retrieve them, and put them back. And he would start all over again.
Can you believe he is outside without shoes on and in shorts, in the middle of OCTOBER?!!!!!!

I am so glad to be finished with September.
WOW-what a month!
12- dr visits (dentist, eye dr., ear dr., pediatrician, ear tubes ETC)
2 birthdays
I am glad to be moving on into THE FALL- (even if the weather is not ready!)


Meghan said...

Such a cute display. I have had fun decorating a little for the fall, but we have yet to get our pumpkins. Now I am inspired.

Kim said...

loooove it:}