Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So what do you think?
When there is a post that asks a question, do I answer back in the comment section?
Do I write a new post answering the question?
Do I wait a few days and do a Q & A post?
Do I contact the asker?
What do you do?
What is blog etiquette?


Jenn said...

Well, if there is a question and I have an answer that forms in my head when I read it, I answer it in the comments. But then I only do this when there is like a handful of comments. Cuz then I start to think "will my comment even matter?" if there is a whole bunch of people sounding off. And then I have found that reading blogs gets my mind working and sometimes I end up posting something of my own that spins-off from another person.

Kim said...

I just call you...so I am the wrong person to answer that question. I too am still a "newborn" at blogg'n. Maybe you should write a blog about blogging edict