Sunday, October 14, 2007

highlights of today- good or bad

:napping Tucker before church
:a child asking "what can I do to help you mom"
:leaving for church and realizing that one child has no underwear or shoes
:making it to church on time
:being able to sit all the way through the sacrament portion of the meeting
:our 4 year old sounding like he has Tourette syndrome only half of the time (and I mean no disrespect to those with tourettes, I went to school with a girl who had tourettes, I was in class with her for several years, I know what she went through)
:a purple bead the size of a peanut up the 4 year olds nose
:remembering to have him just blow it out (already been to the ER, in the year 2000 with Savanna for a similar situation!)
:seeing Jay walking down the hall, and glad that he made it to our meetings
:Tucker spending time with Jay during church (ahhhhhhhh)
:an almost nap for me


April said...

We were able to stay in Sacrament meeting the entire time also! I couldn't believe that Lleyton did so well. Of course, next week will be awful. Donna said that we must be more righteous, since Darci was out most of the time. :)

Anonymous said...

lol...I have four this sounds remarkably like my house...