Sunday, October 14, 2007


Luke slept the last 2 nights. All through the night. Yes I am talking about our 4 1/2 year old.
For any number of reasons, (ear infections, allergies (that the allergist says he does not have!), colds, scared, hungry, itchy skin, etc.) Luke has not been a very good sleeper for some time now. Jay usually gets up with him, since I have Tuck. (who has been having his own sleep issues, but we may be getting back into his old routine since he slept last night!)
Sleep is so wonderful. I really wonder why we need it so much. And why our body acts the way it does when we don't get enough of it. And its also interesting how we feel, when we are the ones that sleep deprive ourselves, vs. say, your children keep you up.
I am guilty of staying up. I was talking to my friend Rebecca, and she said there are 2 reasons we stay up.
1. to finish getting stuff done
2. to enjoy the stillness and quiet.
Well I do both at the same time. I like to work in the stillness and quiet. I like to finish cleaning up something, without turning around and seeing another mess that has just been made. But once I finish cleaning up, I like to enjoy the quiet time.

And it is right about that time that one of the 2 trouble sleepers wake up.

So last night, as I finished up, I was waiting for them. I was waiting for them! I kind of sat there for a minute thinking, "well they should be up any minute now"-and it didn't happen. So I went to bed. And I slept.


Jenn said...

That is so true! Sleep has been an issue for oh about 6 years now! So how did you get your one to sleep? My almost 4 year old comes and gets us everynight!

Alisa said...

We are not sure what has made the difference with his sleeping. I kind of think that his day starting so early, and being a little busier during the day has something to do with it.
But I also think it has to do with his allergies, and ear tubes.
Actually its really anyones guess!