Friday, October 12, 2007

who made these?

those are "spare parts"

those are superman S's


Meghan said...

I can tell savannah's, and I think the second one is Jack's, but I am still trying to find the Nemo one for Luke, or have I been gone too long?

April said...

So cute!
Hey, you need to go to everything pink...she has another contest to enter. You can win lots of beautiful ribbon!

Alisa said...

yes Meghan, Luke has moved on a little. He is now into anything with super powers. We are not really sure where that all started. He saw a cartoon, AFTER the superhero obsession started.
But he will still want Nemo every now and then.
A funny thing....we had a big rain storm last night, and it washed away all of Luke's superman triangle s's.
He was so confused when he looked and saw his pumpkin, but it was not "his" pumpkin!