Friday, November 9, 2007

November Blessings

I was at Hobby Lobby, and I was looking at a turkey that I would really like to have. I was thinking that I had plenty of time to get it, you know, like weeks. Like many weeks. And then it hit me, its 2 weeks away! THANKSGIVING IS 2 WEEKS AWAY!

WAIT- I have not been doing my month of gratitude! We usually have something going on with our family to remind us of our blessings. We write them down in a journal, or put them on feathers for a turkey, or on leaves, or just on a piece of paper on the fridge. But this year, I have done nothing! I just started thinking about it yesterday and what I wanted to do for it, but I was thinking about it like it was still October, and I had weeks left to decide!

The weather has been so nice, like spring...not November. We have had 2 cold days. The rest are beautiful. I think it has tricked me.

So I am committing myself to blog a blessing a day for the rest of November. And quickly come up with something for the family!

I am thankful today for my senses-
To SMELL yummy candles, and lotions, and my kids after their baths, clean laundry, dinner already cooking...
To SEE beauty, my childrens faces, the colors of each season, reading a good book,watching movies together,
To TASTE different meals (that they all dont taste the same), to taste mint anything!, sonic drink, chocolate,
To HEAR music, all kinds, made by my children, CD,s, orchestras & symphonies, choirs, hymns, laughter from my family, a cooing baby,
To TOUCH my blanket, my kids hands ( holding them), and especially to hold Jay's hand, a hug from my mom, the feel of Savanna's hair as I fix it,

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kristi said...

1 mile not a big deal?... no way girl it is a huge deal. doing that first mile can sometimes be harder than all the others.
congrats on the new treadmill. i am a little jealous! enjoy being warm and dry while you run