Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Question & Answer 1

Julie asked ... " thought of another one, perhaps more festive. What are your favorite decorating ideas, tips, projects, websites, etc? How do you decorate and celebrate each season/event without your house feeling cluttery? Any decorating on a dime tips?
Julie "

Well, I love The Holidays! And I love themed decor. I inherited this from my mom.
When we lived with her for a year ... oh the decorating fun we had. Jay jokes about the Christmas season, and how we could not park in the garage, and how we were still decorating after Christmas, and how everyday when he came home there was another box of "stuff." Between her things and ours, we had more than enough to choose from!

I think the big thing when decorating for a holiday is to use what you love.
I think it would be better to buy, or make 1 thing that you loved, and could not wait to get out every year, than to have a bunch of so so things. Think of "building" your decor year after year. You do not have to have it done all this holiday. Add a little over time.
As you start defining your style, you will find that throughout the year you will discover things that will work for the different holidays. I found a turkey and a pumpkin that I LOVED, during the spring. I found some black beaded garland on an after Christmas sale, that I knew would be great for a Halloween display I wanted to do.

One of the best ways to define your style is to go on an "inspiration trip"- "a trend watch"
I love to go and just look- at the mall, at Target, at Walmart, at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and look at books and magazines at the bookstore or library) You name it. There is inspiration to be had anywhere. (I used to love to do this more, when our oldest 2 were little. They were such good shoppers. Enter #3 & #4 and its not so fun anymore) Schedule time to go by yourself if you need to! The internet can come in handy here, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens are 2 that are good. ( I am sure there are more! Anyone care to leave a comment of one they like?)

Look for what you can copy yourself, and what you think you really must buy. Then wait for a sale, or coupon to get it. Tell others what you like and love, you will be surprised how others find the deals for you!

Now for the clutter part..this is where deciding if you like it or love it really comes into play. If I have a lot of decor I want to put out, that I love, then I have to put some of the everyday stuff away. It is just too much to have it all out at the same time. 1 little item, not so big of a deal. But when you start pulling out boxes of things, you know its time to pair down the everyday items to make way for the seasonal stuff.

Another idea, is to have just one spot that you decorate. A mantel, an entryway table, a sofa table, a shelf in a bookcase, the top of the piano. That way its not so overwhelming having things everywhere, a little more controlled, and sometimes a little better put together.
My neighbor, does a great job with this. I love seeing her entryway table "dressed" for the seasons.

And here is one last idea, that came about from our kids.
Take photos of your favorite decorations during the holidays.
This came about after our kids were playing with the digital camera and were taking totally random shots of our home. They took a picture of each holiday decoration we had out.
Two things can happen with this.
1. You will see your decor with a different eye. You may decide, hey I really don't like that there, (or like the item at all)
2. If you love the display, you will remember how to do it next time.
Its easy to save photos, and easy to search back to "this time last year"-

so lets do a recap...
Use what you love, build over time.
Look throughout the year.
Go on a inspiration trip/trend watch.
Copy and make it yourself.
Store everyday stuff.
Maybe use just one spot to decorate.
Take photos.

Thanks Julie for the question, hope that helps!

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