Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Question & Answer 2

Julie asked:

What is your typical daily schedule? I am a gleaner of ideas and love to see how others do it "all."

I think I will tell you the way we would like things to be.
We are a normal family like everybody else. What we want, and what we get is sometimes opposite!

6 AM wake up rested
(most days I get up sometime after 6 but before 6:30 Jay
wakes me up -I am not a morning person)

Wake everyone up, they do their morning routine-
some of the kids are better at this-
make bed, get dressed,
personal prayer and scriptures
practice musical instruments

7-Everyone sits down to a hot breakfast
(um, no- I have to work on this!-its more like... Finally get all to the table for our morning devotional while having bowls of cold cereal.)
We do have a song & prayer, and we read scriptures together-but sometimes we do not get
much farther than a couple of verses.
Sometimes there is a good discussion, but sometimes its short and sweet.

7:25 Everyone finishes getting ready, and since I did not make lunches the night before I am throwing lunches together-

7:30- Leave to take the kids to school -On a really good-on-time- day but its usually a little later

7:40ish Drop the kids off

------ -------
Daytime stuff, errands, exercise, personal study, laundry, house cleaning, email, blogging, playing with Tucker, putting Tucker down for nap, pick up Luke, lunch, etc. etc. etc.

3:00 Pick up kids

3:20 Home and start afternoon routine
Empty lunch box and put away
Put any papers for me, on the counter.
Homework, 20 minutes of reading, practice
any instruments that are left to practice.

Then they are free to do whatever they want- (except tv) until we have to go somewhere.
Now that we have 2 vehicles and we don't leave to get Jay, it has opened up our afternoons, and evenings. We have a little more playtime, and I have a little more time to get dinner ready.
Every night seems a little different, as far as activities go.

This year, we made a big change, and that was to not schedule any of the kids activities on Monday nights. We used to try and squeeze in Family Home Evening on Sunday, and try and squeeze a game together on Monday night in between everything that we had going on. But now there is no squeezing! It has made a big impression on our family- the time that we have uninterrupted on that night is a blessing!

Our evening routine goes pretty good, I think its mostly the morning that we struggle with.
I really like to have the night time not feel so rushed, and I feel its important to read to the kids, and have a little "alone time" with each one. I am able to really find out some interesting things about their lives!

7- Start evening routine
Baths, showers, teeth brushed, clothes picked
out for the next day, Family prayer, story's and
mom time with each child on their bed.

8- Lights out for a few
I go downstairs and clean up whats left-
(Jay helps with the cleanup and kids when he is home)
Make lunches for the next day- (this does not happen-its a habit I should get into!)
After that.....everything else that needs/has to get done that night gets prioritized-
And thats it!

Was that what you were looking for?


Julie said...

Thank you! I love that you get personal scriptures done in the morning for the kids. I may have to glean that idea and see if I can make it work here...

Meghan said...

Sounds like you have a great life. Your new picture is beautiful. And Julie, you really need to start your own blog.

Kim said...

I love your new picture..You look so beautiful..you always do!

April said...

I, too, love the new picture. What an inspiration you are! I got several ideas from this post. Thanks for sharing!