Tuesday, December 11, 2007

day 2 tuesday no power-PM

Just thought I would share some of the funny things from today. More for my benefit to remember these times, although I am not sure how I could forget any of this!

There are multiple family members staying at my mom's and multiple people stopping by for one thing or another. Some members are speaking with each other, some are not. The stress is a little high at times... The oldest family member is 91, and the youngest is 14 1/2 months.

The 91 year old is my Grandmother. She is a little bothered about having to leave her home and come stay over here at my mom's. She was starting to feel a little weepy. She was in the back bedroom because she gets "a little" bothered by the noise of my kids. I went back to check on her and she cried saying "I feel so strange, not being in my own home, and not having anything to do. Everyone is too busy to talk to me- I just feel so strange" I said I know its hard to not be in your home, do you want to come out and talk with us while I am making dinner?" She said alright- She got up, and came out for a bit then went to the bathroom.
She comes back out and says...."I know why I feel so strange...I have had my pants on backward all day!"

A few moments later she tries to yell louder than my children and their cousin.. 'isn't there somewhere else these kids can yell, like the garage?"

She sits down on the sofa, and we put some soothing music on for her that we think will help calm her (and us)- I am getting ready to start feeding the kids and Jack is playing with Tucker-and its getting a little noisy.
She says ...
My kids never screamed.
I have Tucker in the high chair and he is getting antsy for dinner.
She says ...
Why does he scream so much?- I say- because he does not know how to use words.
She says...Will you hurry and feed that boy? He is hungry!

After dinner she is trying to listen to the news, and its ...imagine this...a little noisy. She grabs the remote and turns the tv all the way up- Its at this point that I look at Jay and feel so grateful that Target had just called a little earlier saying they had power and were ready for us to come pick up our prescriptions.
We leave, we come back, the house is calm and quiet. I pass my Nana in the hall, she is moving fast. She races to the sofa and stakes her claim. And grabs the remote, and, you guessed it, turns it all the way up.

We are finishing up with the evening news... they just said it could be about a week that we are without power. When we drove through our neighborhood the perimeter had power, but none of the homes in the middle.
After all these stories, I am glad we have a warm place to stay. That our kids are warm, and we have running water, and I could do a load of laundry. I was able to get food out of our fridge and freezer-and make a yummy dinner.

Hmmmm I can hardly wait to see what is in store for tomorrow.

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Jenn said...

You could come over here - we don't have much space but we don't have any 91 year old women either! :) But I hear ya, I am thankful that Enid has power or I would have similar stories about an 81-year-old woman!