Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 6 no power

We are ending day 6 of no power.

Day 6.

I don't think that I can really describe the mixture of emotions-
While I am thankful to have a warm home to be staying in while we are displaced, (my mom deserves a medal for all that she has had to put up with!) I am so-0 ready to be back into our own home. To have everyone in their own bed.

I went to the house today and bagged & tossed everything that was in the fridge and freezer. Would you believe that the fridge felt warmer than the house?

I kept singing in my mind, over and over, the "theme song" of this blog ...
I keep having to check myself and try and realign my thoughts on a positive course.

SO the positive thoughts that I pulled on today were ...

I will be able to start the new year with a clean fridge, and freezer. NO leftover old bottle of something that probably should be tossed. No half eaten container of green olives. No more half used bottles of miscellaneous condiments. I will get to go "shopping" to restock that fridge in the new year.

Surely our electric bill will take a dip in rate!

Any bugs, or other critters will most likely be gone!

All the trees will be nice and pruned for the spring!

I will keep moving my thoughts in the positive direction. I will find the good-


Jenn said...

Oh, sweet girl, that must be very very hard. My brother and family in Tulsa are on Day 6 too. Our prayers are with you and your family - and if you need a change of view, again, we would love to have you over! Or if you want, we have a worship and dinner thing at our church tomorrow night - come join us! Just keep chanting, "All things for good, all things for godd..."

Kim said...

I feel guilty that we have power and so many (you and Julie) don't. This week has made me want to live close to family and have some where to go!! Good luck...It can't be much longer RIGHT!! Are you wearing your red jacket today??