Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 3 no power

We are ending day 3 of no power...and I am needing to stay grateful.
I think I may need to restart my posting of a blessing a day.

I found myself tired, grumpy, annoyed.
I told one of my kids to shut-up.
That is not a word we use- and never to each other.
I locked my keys in the car.
I found myself a little lost, and confused, anxious.

But I had a warm place to stay, with family that loves me.
I had time to take photos of things.
I took the kids to a friends house for bubble baths in their jetted tub.
There was easy made dinner from the freezer stash, reheated by my mom waiting for us when we got home.
Jay brought over the computer so I could do some photo editing.
I am so thoughtful and prayerful for others, my dear friends, who are away from their church, or other places.


Meghan said...

Way to keep a positive attitude. I hope everything gets settled soon. We love you!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

sometimes the "S" word just pops out of the mouth, like fleeing cats. Or something.

I love reading about your life. The Wednesday recipe sounds delicious. I'll have to see if you have others, it sound like you do.

Good luck getting power.