Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hooray for December 1st

AHHH-Can I just tell you what a pleasant morning we are having here?
And its 11:23.
This feels like its a payback for how unpleasant our thanksgiving weekend was.
I love it when our family is happy, everyone is agreeable, and goes with the flow.
We usually have 1 that is like the big rock in a stream that just kind of makes the water go around it. Maybe thats why this day feels so pleasant, you have to have the contrast to really appreciate it.

We came downstairs to this display on the table.

I asked him about the "people inside"-
It was funny to hear his interpretation!

This is Joseph, Mary and the "baby Jesus"-

He did not know why he put the wagon on top!

Lex Luther is a statue, and superman is a door(Hmmm???)

These are all the animals at the stable...

Ok, here we have a shepherd (knight), and the 3 wise men played by Gaston, Frozon, & Spiderman, and Belle plays the angel!

Here is to a great first day of December, and hoping yours is great too.
If not...there is always tomorrow, today will give you something to contrast from!


Tiffany said...


I just took a pic pf my nativity where I found a little plastic rhino.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Hi, this is Hillary's mom. She told me to come here and look at your nativity. Too funny! I am now going back to read other posts on your site.

She misses you.