Monday, December 3, 2007

I could, but

I could write about how I finally went to the Dr- and tell how I have a sinus/ear infection, and bronchitis-

I could write about how I went to the pharmacy and picked up prescription cough syrup and antibiotics, and then a load of chocolate, for medicinal purposes of course-

I could write about how Luke gave a talk in church yesterday and I missed it-

I could write about how when I picked Luke up from school today his teacher told me that he shared the gospel with the class, (he told his talk to the class) and that she said she believed every word-

I could write about how concerned I am that Target seems to be discontinuing my favorite storage container that I have been using the last 9 years of my organizing life-

I could write about the amazing things my mom is painting in the kids rooms-

I could write about how I finally gave in and let the kids decorate the big tree, and how the bottom quarter is empty for Tucker-

I could write about how loopy this medicine is making me, and how difficult/comical it was to make dinner-

But instead I think that I will climb into bed.

1 comment:

April said...

I think you have been sick forever! I am so sorry and I hope you are feeling better soon - as in, right when you wake up.