Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Awake and Tired ....

Since Tucker was the best traveler ever, and slept about 8 of the almost 11 hours we drove yesterday, he and I are up. He woke about 4:45, and to keep the peace for everyone else, (especially for Jay since he goes back to work) we came downstairs to play with new toys (and play on the computer.)

The vacation was wonderful. I have a Holiday Highlight recap post written on the laptop, but its upstairs. Don't want to wake anyone up. Lets let those sleeping dogs lie, shall we?

I am thankful to be home though.
And so is everyone else.

I can remember traveling with Savanna when she was little and how excited she was when we would come home. How "fun" it was to see all of her own toys, and her bed.

Its continued with each of our kids. They run around the house "re-discovering" their things.

As we were headed into our familiar streets Luke comments from the back- " Hey I remember my train and firetruck puzzles, Can I do them when we get home?"

Savanna said "There is just something so nice about having your own bed. Grandma makes the best sleeping bag beds, but I love my own bed."

Jack just kind of disappeared.

And Tucker- he got right down to business. Checked cabinets and drawers, testing to see if any would open. Climbed up onto the computer chair just to see if he still could. Reached up with 2 cute hands to investigate the tops of the bathroom counter tops, to see just how far he could now reach.

And for Jay and I, we just smiled ( and kept reminding ourselves to keep smiling) as we unloaded and made dinner, grateful to have made it home safe. Happy to see our kids so happy to be home.


Julie said...

Glad to have you home! I missed your posts. Hope you had a wonderful time and we are glad you made it safe & sound.
Welcome home!

Kim said...

Welcome home!! I have missed you and your post... can't wait to hear all about it...