Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Highlights

Highlights from trip
not in any sort of order..just a rambling list of memories as they came to my mind on the drive home
(this is long, no punctuation or grammar checked, and lots and lots of photos)

not cooking any meals for 11 days, but still eating better home cooked meals than we do at home-

meeting pauls fiance Mary-
seeing how Luke "took"to her so quickly

luke being happy about getting the one thing he asked for Christmas- a silver bell from santas sleigh

my oh so appropriate charm from jay- a snowflake- to remember this years weather

savanna wanting her hair curled almost everyday

luke spotting every train, and every train track on the drive, and proclaiming oh so loudly "look its the polar express!"

jack finally getting to play with his Christmas gifts, and getting excited about them

sitting in the hot tub

falling snow

jack's baptism and his happiness, joy and glee

savanna still enjoying toys

movies, movies, movies

reading a book


tucker taking to grandma the day we were supposed to leave to go back home

having the flexibility to stay longer

attending church together as a family with grandparents twice

kids playing happy

once again fitting everything into the van for the trip home

jay surprising me with a after Christmas deal of a lighted christmas tree for our family room

tucker waking up at midnight new years eve and enjoying our new years toast

watching the fireworks at the top of pikes peak outside, and freezing our tails off

party with the barton family on new years eve, and the kids having a blast, dancing and just being themselves

prada high heel grown up shoes-

going shopping on a date with jay in denver to the beautiful mall

tucker getting his own phone from his uncle and loving it

boys playing PS2 with their dad

savanna getting set up on email and webkins, and enjoying the world beyond her home

driving around manitou springs, Garden of the God's

tucker standing on jack's board

going to the same stores as home, walmart sams target, ross hobby lobby,

and then going to the ones we don't have REI, crate & barrel, the container store, gatherings,

eating eating eating

tucker excited for all the excitement

having jay all to ourselves- no work, no church

jay playing with the kids

lukes constant pleading of "will you chase me"

christmas morning 5 am wake up

christmas morning waiting on the stairs

tucker and his 1 piece outfits

luke making snow angels

all the kids playing outside in the cold (oh so cold)

grandpa using the special santa phone to call the north pole

driving around looking at christmas lights

jay putting tucker down for a nap and not giving up

luke and the reindeer food

beautifully set table for meals

jay getting the kids beds ready for night- without me asking for help

kids presenting the nativity story, acting it out and playing multiple parts each

luke announcing "hurry! a baby is coming"

and then "oh i forgot my sheep"

the 3 wisemen

having jays laptop available to check email, pay bills, and feel connected & using it more than he did

tucker being our best all around traveler ever!

borrowing a dvd player for the car

kids picking out presents for each other

luke being so excited to see a present with his name on it

enjoying the time to just be

car making it for another trip

tucker overcoming fear of dogs

taking 742 photos

While on a date with jay to the beautiful mall, understanding fully what luke said when we went "looking" for christmas toys .... "there are so many things to want!"

letting go of preconceived thoughts of how things are supposed to be, and enjoying the moment the way things are


Kim said...

that tip sound so fun!!! I love trips when you ENJOY them and are not stress out... glad your home

April said...

Beautiful pictures and thoughts of your trip! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!