Friday, January 4, 2008


Our family is in that transition that happens this time of year.
I think I will call it going


definition of NOEL
definition of NO

We go from happy, sure do whatever you want, play on the computer, eat treats, watch movies, stay in jammies all day, play with all the toys, sure you can have a 4th hot chocolate ...


Me saying, No, not right now, no, no you can't right now, no, I already said no.
And the kids saying, "NO!" I DON'T WANT TO! Whhhhhhyyyyyyy? Not me, I didn't do it.
(and then we have all the other sounds for no, that we are using for Tucker, as he is exploring and discovering all that he can, but should not do)

It sure is hard after having so much fun to get back into our routines!
The kids go back to school on monday. That should help.
I am trying to say yes as much as possible.
And keep that feeling of Noel, despite all the No's.


Jenn said...

Great observation and reminder for me, too! With all of my cleaning out I have not been as attentive to the boys as I should. And I know I'll be missing them come Monday!

Kim said...

my kids go back on tues. I wish they would go back today @@@@crazy@@@@

Meghan said...

What a clever observation. Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a great Christmas!