Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Library Fines & Resolutions

Last night when Jay got home he said,
"so did the armored truck have to escort you to the library today?"-
I laughed and he said...
"I don't even want to know"

You see, I had some books checked out for a while. We had the power outage. Things were in disarray. We left town, we came back to town, people were sick. I had the cards out to renew online but just did not get it done.

I had promised Luke a trip to the library, and I wanted to see if they had the magazine REAL SIMPLE, so I could check out what Meghan had read, and do the quiz like she did.

So I finally returned the books, and checked on the fine.


This is where $$ signs start flying all over the place. The total for my laziness?


Thirty Dollars.

Can I just tell you all the things I thought of that I could have paid for with that $30-
That $30 could have been a lot of things.
That $30 could have been a copayment for one of the many dr. visits this week.
That $30 could have been a family dinner out.
That $30 could have been 3o days of sonic drinks.
That $30 could have been a manicure.
That $30 could have been a trip to hobby lobby,
or to target.
That $30 could have been a lot mind is going numb thinking of how much my laziness cost me.
So in the spirit of the new year, and making resolutions...I am setting a goal of returning things on time. Come on, its not like I live far away from the library. AND really, you can renew online.
So in that spirit, I am compiling a list.
A $30 list.
I am going to make a list of all things that I can come up with, that I could spend $30 on, instead of fines. Not to beat myself up, but to encourage myself to not let this happen again.

So help me will ya?

List anything you can think of that $30 would go towards.
It can be serious, it can be funny.
Help me out.


Meghan said...

Make up at the Clinique counter!! Especially Tender Heart Lipstick and my new beauty fav touch base for eyes in #10 canvas. For $30 I think I could get one other item, and timed right a bonus gift!!!

Jenn said...

First of all, love Real Simple mag - it is finally a realistic one to read! And also like Family Fun - great ideas of things to make with kids that are TONS easier than Martha! (of course, i need easy - you may not!)

Secondly, I have had me some fines at the library myself (videos are a killer when you're late)...but you, my dear, have beat me hands down in amount! :) But I do love how much you can do online through them.

For my $30, I have been making a new list of kitchen gadgets I want...and just got a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath, and Beyond!

Rebecca said...

Wow! You either had a LOT of books, or your library charges outrageous fines! I often have small fines--which drives Lon crazy! He is mortified when he goes to check out a book and they say, You have 50 cents in fines! In Provo, they let spouses have completley separate accounts and we were NEVER allowed to use his!! But here they just lump the family all together and it drives Lon crazy!! I just figure that I am supporting the Library with my fines. So one way to look at it is: Think how many new books they can buy with your donation!
OK--one thing you could do with (less than) 30 dollars is get a subscription to Real Simple...than you wouldn't have to go to the Library! (I have 2 issues right now from my library!) could buy A LOT of scrapbook supplies. And then you will be all ready to scrapbook every day for this next month! Speaking of which...I'd better run and get that done before Cohen wakes up!

Kim said...

I would love to go to lunch with my friends or maybe Jamba juice.... or maybe pay someone to teach me elements!!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

It could have bought four absolutely wonderful Christmas decorating items from a local furniture store who now has the Christmas decorations 75% off. In fact that $30 joined a twenty dollar bill and bought nine wonderful items. I wonder how many I will be able to part with. Well, three, for sure because I bought duplicates of those. One for me, three for friends. I would give one or two to Hillary but she bought the SAME EXACT THINGS because we were there looking at, sitting in, sleeping on, her new couches and couldn't resist the wonderful bargains.

So, nine Christmas items. Or 30 totally useless items from the dollar store.

Your choice.

PS At least you got a blog out of your 30 dollar fine.