Thursday, January 17, 2008

mondays accomplishment

This is what I made on Monday...Donna gave this to me for Christmas unfinished.
We will use this for notes for the family, and our post-its that we use for jobs, and to do's.
I love it, and am happy to have something on that wall. We had a clock there for a while, but I never really liked it. Then we had the christmas pop box. I love that I finished a project. It really does get me excited to work on other things.


April said...

I love it! You did such a beautiful job and used such great papers! It is very classy. :)

Kim said...

oh that looks great and it's not uneven at all (lol).... I love the paper too.

Anonymous said...

Alisa, what is your email address. Mine is still
You are totally cute and
I love you and your blog

hillary smith

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You should tell that lazy friend of yours to START HER OWN BLOG. She certainly doesn't listen to her mother, who is the fountain of all knowledge and knows just what her daughter should do at all times.

And, the message board is darling,
The non-blogging daughter's mother