Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oklahoma City makes top 10

WOW- we made the top 10

But for something so embarrassing!

WE are in the top 10 for the most obese cities in America!

Saturday night my mom was telling us how she had seen Oklahoma City's Mayor on The Ellen Degeneres show, and how great it was. Then she ran into him at my nephews basketball game, and had the chance to tell him so in person.

I saw this in our paper this morning,
right next to the half page section on girl scout cookies. ( which by the way, my niece is selling if you want any)
It made me laugh...maybe if I bought the cookies, I should eat them while I walk on the treadmill.

So here is the link to the OKC million website..." this city is going on a diet" go check it out...lets get off that top 10 list!

Another little funny side note- I thought of this as I just typed the above sentence.
For those of you who know the movie Finding Nemo-Ellen plays Dory-
Think of her voice and Dory when they are being chased, and the angler fish gets stuck and she starts taunting and singing "no eating here tonight-no eating here tonight, no eating here tonight, your on a diet!"

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Meghan said...

hee hee. I read this and then immediately read Kim's post about going to Krispy Kreams for donuts!!