Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week in review

did not post much this week...
here is a recap

Doing good with the no fine resolution....I was very ambitious and checked out many books about all things polar bear for Luke this week, I have high hopes to keep them all together and return them on time!

Savanna had her colonial fair at school...

Tucker has fallen many times, off of the kitchen table and chairs. He bit through his lip and I had a moment of panic. All is fine. We were reminded of how many bruises Luke used to have. So many that after the summertime, and we returned back to school, Savannas previous teacher said.."is that the same bruise as last year?"

Went on an inspiration shopping trip to the mall...Luke and Tucker "set up shop" in pottery barn kids...
my mind is filled with fun things to make and do for and around our home.

Jack was the handyman and took care of his brother before himself. They both got new remote control cars from their grandpa, and the packaging had screws holding it all to the box. Jack took it upon himself without asking me.... he just went and found the screwdriver, and took Lukes box apart...then took care of his own.

Watched movies and played with the family-Went to my friend Leslies, and played/sang with their Wii and Ps2- loved doing the singing with Savanna.

Attended our stake conference- went to the evening session with Jay, without kids (yea) and felt uplifted and inspired...then attended the 2 hour session today as a family. AND Luke sat through the entire thing! (and Jay took Tuck out!) Ahhh what a treat.

Ended the day watching video of the year Luke was born...our time in Oregon. So sweet seeing Savanna and Jack and Luke so much younger...5 years younger. Listening to their sweet sweet voices and the cute things they used to say. I am so thankful to have that video. I know I don't have as much video of Tucker (but I have waaaayyyy more photos)

Ready to start a new week-
My resolution for this next week is to get on the treadmill daily...


Kim said...

I love that you took a picture at church... I passed Jay a few times in the hall. Blayne and I took turns with Kalab.... you'll have to share all the fun things you have been making!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I loved hearing about your week. The photo of the kids in church is very nice. You can show them when they get mission calls and say, "This is where it all started."