Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is a much needed post for a dear sweet boy.
He has been so sick. He is one that when he is sick he just retreats. He is not one to make a lot of fuss anyway. But this week, you hardly knew he was home. Even the past 2 days without a fever he still took 3 hour naps both days.
I have such tender feelings about this boy. He is such a good boy. He wants to do what is right. He cares about what is right.
I worry that sometimes he gets lost in all the attention paid to the other kids. Some of them just require a lot more attention. Either for age, or attitude.
So I wanted to write about him, the things that make him special. I wanted to document that I do care for this boy of mine.

I took this photo of him this week. When I saw him sitting with his hands folded and a grey sweatshirt on, I immediately thought of this photo taken of him in 2003-photo taken 2003

Then there is this bear...he got it when he was having testing done at LDS Primary childrens hospital when he was about 21 months. He took to this bear taken 2004

One day this week when I went to put Tucker down for a nap, Ted was just sitting on the bed, waiting for Jack.

One day this last week, Jack was sitting in the recliner thinking and he said, "I was thinking about a scripture Grandma was telling me about the Savior, do you think you could help me find it?"
Then one night he was in bed, I was rocking Tucker, and I heard him kind of moan, and say I have to get out of bed. I asked why and his reply "I need to go read my scriptures."- It was all very quick. He got up, read a verse, got back in bed, and went to sleep.
I learn so much from this boy. Just do what needs to be done. Don't make it harder than it needs to be.
I am so thankful for who he is. I am so very glad he is a part of this family.


kristi said...

Alisa - you should have your primary manual bound with a cute cover - you can seriously do it to any book

Kim Sue said...

sweet boy - the picture of his bear made me smile because we have that bear - that exact bear!

Anonymous said...

Now that is the Jack of my memories. The three year old one, Not that handsome young man. They are both spectacular but I honestly am missing the wee one. How great is he! He is gonna make one heck of a missionary and husband some day. Miss you forever. hillary

Jenn said...

That is so sweet - brought tears to my eyes - I have one similar to this; his precious name is Cooper.